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Surface mount technologyCascade Systems provides state-of-the-art surface mount technology services for your circuit board design.

Why Choose Cascade for Surface Mount Technology Projects?

Multiple Surface Mount Technology Lines – Multiple SMT lines provide additional capacity, allowing Cascade to facilitate quick turn builds–for even complex dual-sided boards–in a 3 to 5-day timeframe.

Ability to Build Dense SMT Assemblies – Cascade handles surface mount technology components with smaller, fine pitch, and 01005 that most companies cannot support.

Provides Both Lead-Free and Leaded Solder – Leaded solder is available for military and some medical use.

Surface Mount Lines Capabilities

  • 20 Micron Placement Accuracy
  • BGA and Micro BGA Placement
  • MLF, CSP and 01005 to Placement
  • Fine Pitch
  • Convection Re-flow

Get the Best Surface Mount Technology Services from Cascade Systems

Whether you need complex dual-sided boards fast or need SMT assemblies that require fine pitch and accurate placement, Cascade Systems Technologies can deliver the perfect products for you. Get the details by emailing us at, completing our simple online Quote form or calling us at (503) 640-5733.

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